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thanks for stopping by! let me tell you a little bit about how i got here.


being creative has always been a major part of my life. i took all art classes in high school and college with a focus in graphic design. i graduated with my bs in graphic design in december 2006.


i got my first job as a graphic designer at the pantagraph specializing in a lot of copy and major multitasking...all while selling shoes. OH MY GOD SHOES! i did that for a few years, then moved back home to the burbs of chicago and couldn't find a graphic design job. 

i have always had a love for the beauty industry, my mom is a hairstylist going on being licensed for 50 years! at this time i was creating a massive personal makeup collection because sephora was all the rage so i decided to enroll in cosmetology school. i was nervous at the time but little did i know that would have been the best decision i have ever made. 

i've done makeup for paul mitchell,, michelle oconnor, chris appleton, and more.

thanks for sticking through til the end to answer that burning question you had when you got here "how the hell is this girl a hairstylist, makeup artist, and graphic designer?

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